Daily vehicle maintenance to keep your car in great condition

Cars and automobiles require services and maintenance in order to keep them running smoothly. As a driver, there are ways you could maintain your car simply by making routine checks. Here are a few tips on how drivers can take care of your vehicle.

1. Check Oil
The wellness of a car depends on oil. It is highly important to never let oil run low on a vehicle because it lubricates all the parts within the engine.  It’s advised to check oil every couple of weeks, and to check before long trips.

2. Check Tire Air Pressure
Air pressure gauges come in handy when checking tires’ air pressure.  The proper tire inflation pressure for your vehicle can be found on the driver’s door.  Check once a month to make sure that it is filled.

3. Examine Windshield Wipers Fluid
During certain seasons it is a good idea to have enough fluid to keep your windshield clear after a rainy day. Check more often during wet seasons.

4. Examine Coolant in Radiator
Coolant is a green liquid substance that regulates the engine’s temperature . It can be found underneath the hood of your car. A car in good condition should be able to hold coolant for years, if you notice that the coolant is running out often it’s best to get it checked out.

5. Examine Brake Fluid
This should be checked as often as routine oil changes. If the fluid that has a burnt odor, or it is not transparent it should be checked immediately.

6. Check on Tires
Good tires should never have shallow or worn thread. A good way to check tires is by using the “penny test”. Stick a penny head down in a tire tread; if Lincoln’s head is covered by treads the tires still have some life, if Lincoln’s head is fully exposed, it’s time to change tires.