FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

“Can I have my scheduled maintenance done at Hi-Tech even though my new car is still under warranty?”
Yes, by law you can have your scheduled maintenance performed by any licensed and certified auto repair facility.

“Can I get my car back the same day?”
Yes, in most cases of routine maintenance or repairs you can have your car back the same day. Should we need your car longer than a day or if you need a car during same day service, we will provide a rental car from local rental agencies. Don’t forget about our free courtesy shuttle which is available to take you or pick you up wherever you might need to go.

“Do you offer tires, or perform alignments and suspension work?”
Yes, we offer top quality tires and have state of the art alignment equipment in addition to all suspension components for your car. Hi-tech is a one stop automotive repair facility.

“Is diagnosis free?”
Yes, for 27 years it has been our policy that diagnosis of problems with your vehicle are always free.

“What are the perks of being a Hi-Tech customer?”
We love perks and hope you enjoy use of our Courtesy Shuttle, or we can provide a rental car from local rental agencies. After service your car can expect a nice wash before you take delivery!

”I don”t have AAA, can you arrange to have my car towed to hi-tech?”
Yes, we would be happy to arrange for the towing of your vehicle: just give us a call.