Common issues with Audi cars

Audi makes luxury vehicles, but like most mechanical cars they sometimes have issues that owners should look out for.  Here are some common issues found in Audis:

Audi repairs1. Electrical Component Failure
Audi cars are designed with high-end, complex electrical components.  However, it is common for these components to become damaged or have a malfunction.  You should expect a wide range of electrical component issues over the lifespan of your vehicle, which will need to be taken in to a professional mechanic for diagnostics.

2. Ignition Component Failure
A very common issue with some Audi vehicles is the ignition coil or spark plugs.  The ignition coil or the spark plugs may cause the engine to misfire and have issues with start up.  When experiencing this issue it is important to get it resolved immediately.  Early repairs could avoid major damage.

3. Exhaust Component Failure
A damaged catalytic converter is another common Audi problem. Before considering replacement, it is important to take your vehicle in to a professional mechanic to determine the exact cause of the problem.  Carbon buildup can damage the catalytic converter and the exhaust gas re-circulation system.

4. Oil Leakage
Oil leaks are also common among mechanical vehicles.  For Audi cars, the most common cause of an oil leak is from the valve cover gasket or the camshaft tensioner.  These parts are replaceable and the leak can be repaired when taken to specialized mechanics.

Ultimately, it is extremely to keep up with scheduled preventative maintenance and to have a specialized mechanic that can resolve these common issues.